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Blinded Veterans Association
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Georgia Regional Group

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Our Mission

"To promote the welfare of Blind/Visually Impaired Veterans so that, notwithstanding their disabilities, that they may take their rightful place in the community and work with fellow citizens toward the creation of a peaceful world. " "To preserve and strengthen a spirit of fellowship among blinded veterans so that they may give mutual aid and assistance to one another." "To maintain and extend the institution of American freedom and encourage loyalty to the constitution and laws of the United States and of the states in which they reside.”

If you are a Blind or Visually Impaired Veteran, a relative or a friend, or you just want to get involved, write, email or give us a call. We are the Blinded Veterans Association, Georgia Regional Group (BVA-GRG), we are a 501c3 organization specifically established to assist and promote the welfare of Blind/Visually Impaired Veterans. We are here to help veterans and their families meet the challenges of blindness.


The Blinded Veterans Association

Georgia Regional Group



Jesse J. Jones Jr.



First Vice President

  Clifford C. Jones Jr.




Yvonne Williams



Assistant Secretary

Rev. Dr. Norman Jones Jr.

Office # 770-964-1986                



Joseph D. McNeil Sr.



Sergeant At Arms

Theophus Griffin



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Interesting Websites

Minutes from the 2014 State Convention 

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BVA Bulletin Autumn 2008 Tape on MP3

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Membership Application

Don’t Pity Us Handicapped
by Maj. Gen. Melvin J. Maas

Blind Veterans Computer Users Group
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Blind Rehab Centers

VIST By Location (National)

BROS By Location (National)

For The People (dot) Com
(Talk Chat Room)

Free Matter Postal Regulations

Eye on DBS

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

(Computer Support for Blinded Veterans)

Military Record Requests (SF-180)

Understanding Veteran Benefits

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

VHA Prosthetic Clinical Management Program 

Minutes from the 2010 GRG State Conference 

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Blinded Veterans Association Georgia Regional Group
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